Website policy

This site is designed to provide bible study materials and it is hoped that many souls will profit from the vast knowledge and experience of the contributors to this site. I have asked for assistance from several of my friends and acquaintences to provide material.

I have selected many articles and sermons over the years. I have participated on several e-mail discussion list and have saved many articles for my studies. I have taken many of these and brought them forward to this website.

I want to give credit where credit is due. Sometimes I have forgotten the source of a file or a sermon or article. If you recognize anything that is yours that is designated to someone else or is marked unknown, please contact me. I will be more than happy to give credit to the right source.

Also, if anyone objects to their material being on my site, I will respectfully remove it upon request.

I will always be open to suggestions, comments, and material to be added to the site. I have plenty of webspace and have the potential for much more if needed.

This website is operated by an individual and does not accept support from any congregation or brethren for this website. The only assistance I ask is for contributions in the form of bible study material, sermons, outlines, articles, special studies, suggestions for links, Bible quizzes, or any other material of a spiritual nature.

Those that contribute must understand that this material is presented for public use, and for the purpose of being a resource center for bible students. Anyone too selfish to share their material can put it on their own sites if they choose to do so.

I commit myself to provide spiritual material that is free of error. If I have an article in it that hints or states error, I will do my best to place an editors note right there. If others have a problem with a particular article or sermon, and feel an editors note would be appropriate, I will certainly take heed of all concerns sent my direction.

Please keep in mind that not all material on these pages are written by Christians. You should search the scriptures to see if the things being taught and discussed are scripturally right or wrong (Acts 17:11). If you perceive error (that I may have missed), please e-mail me and state your concerns. If you find Biblical support for the teachings, then heed them and make proper application of the knowledge that you acquire.

May God Bless You In Your Study Of His Word

Carey Scott

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