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This page is designed to look at specific questions and give the answers for those questions from a biblical perspective.


  1. Is The Church Of Christ A Denomination?
  2. Is The Church Of Christ A Denomination?
  3. Is The Church Of Christ A Denomination?
  4. Why Were They Called Churches Of Christ?
  5. The End - Questions and Followup discussions
  6. Should We Follow The Ten Commandments Today?
  7. When a person dies, does his/her soul go directly to eternity, or does it rest somewhere until judgment?
  8. Where Did The Bible Come From?
  9. Does It Matter What Church We Assemble With?
  10. Can One Be Saved Outside The Church?
  11. Is The Church Of Christ The Only Ones Going To Heaven?
  12. Should Christians Observe Easter?
  13. Why Do [Most] Churches Of Christ Not Use Instrumental Music In Their Worship?
  14. Is The New Testament A Law?
  15. What Is God Like?
  16. Does Everyone Have A Right To Their Own Belief?
  17. What About The Antichrist?
  18. Do The Scriptures Teach More Than One Resurrection When Christ Returns?
  19. Who Is The Anti-Christ Today?
  20. Is The Anti-Christ On The Earth Today?
  21. When Is A Penitent Believer Saved?
  22. Was Cornelius Saved When He Received The Holy Spirit?
  23. Can Christians Fall From Grace?
  24. Is It Scriptural To Refer To Heaven As God's Kingdom?
  25. Is There A Christian Sabbath?
  26. Why Did God Create Different Skin Colors?
  27. Are There Many Ways To Heaven?
  28. Is Drinking Intoxicating Beverages Wrong?
  29. What About "Once Saved - Always Saved?
  30. Will Faith Alone (Sola Fide) Save?
  31. What Is The Oneness Doctrine?
  32. Did Jesus Really Go Into Hell?
  33. Is The Gift Of Salvation Unconditional?
  34. Are We Saved By Grace, Faith, Or Works?
  35. Is The Anti-Christ Real?
  36. Can We Fall From Grace?
  37. Will There Be Good People In Hell?
  38. Is It So Bad To Have A Thousand Denominations?
  39. What Is The ONE BAPTISM Of Ephesians 4:5?
  40. What Does Legalism Mean?
  41. What Does The Bible Teach About Homosexual Marriage?
  42. What About Those Who Were Never Baptized?
  43. Does God Answer EVERY Prayer?
  44. Does God Hear The Prayer Of The Sinner?
  45. Is One Church As Good As Another?
  46. Are The Untaught Saved?
  47. Does It Matter How We Worship?
  48. Why Do People Condemn Abortion?
  49. Is Obedience To God's Will Necessary?
  50. What About Manasseh?
  51. How Do I Get Back My First Love?
  52. What Is the Proper Translation For The Word "Christian"?
  53. What About Habakkuk?
  54. What About Lazarus And The Rich Man?
  55. Why would Paul rejoice when he knew that people preached "in pretense"?
  56. Can One Be Demon Posessed?
  57. What About Women Preachers?
  58. If We Are In Christ, Where Do We Stand?
  59. Do The Dead Have Knowledge?
  60. What Is Difference Between Infant And Adult Baptism?
  61. "Why Don't Churches Of Christ Display A Cross?"
  62. Why Don't You Have Any Special Christmas Services?
  63. Does Baptism Cleanse An Adulterous Marriage?
  64. Are Wednesday Evening Services Scripturally Binding?
  65. What Is The Difference in the Church--Universal and Local?
  66. Should A Woman Cover Her Head For Worship?
  67. What Is The Rapture?
  68. What Will Happen To Infants Who Die?
  69. What Is The Meaning Of Exodus 4:24-26?
  70. Do Demons Possess People Today?
  71. What Is Baptism For The Dead?
  72. Is The Kingdom Of Christ Present Or Future?
  73. Does God Already Know Everything That Will Happen?
  74. Can We Ever Achieve A Meritorious Worthiness?
  75. Does The Water (In Baptism) Save?
  76. Why Do Preachers Write Up Other Preachers?
  77. Was Wine Served At The Last Supper?
  78. Is Anything Really Wrong With Choirs And Solos?
  79. Will A "Morally Good" Person Be Saved?
  80. Is "OMG" Acceptable Language For A Christian To Use?
  81. Does Salvation By Grace Mean Once Saved, Always Saved?
  82. What Was The Sin Of Nadab And Abihu?
  83. Is Membership In A "Local Church" Necessary?
  84. What Does The Bible Say About "Reverend" As A Title For Ministers?
  85. Can A Christian Eat Blood?
  86. What Is A "Personal Relationship" With God?
  87. Mutual:recognition,openness,interest,respect?
  88. Will Our Future Knowledge Depend On This Life?
  89. Can A Preacher Take On An Outside Job?
  90. Does The New Testament Authorize The Use Of Instrumental Music In Worship?
  91. What Is A Cult?
  92. Does God Have A Physical Body?
  93. As Long As One Is Sincere, Does It Matter What One Believes?
  94. Why Is Modest Dress A Big Deal?
  95. Did People Really Live Hundreds Of Years Back Then?
  96. What Is The Mark Of The Beast?
  97. What About The Mark Of The Beast? and a followup question
  98. Does God Speak Audibly To You?
  99. Does God Hear All Prayers?
  100. Are We Saved By Baptism Or Grace?
  101. Why Go To Bible Class?
  102. What About "Gospel Regeneration"?
  103. Must A Christian Marry A Christian ONLY?
  104. Must A Widow Marry ONLY A Christian?
  105. Do I 'HAVE TO' go to church?
  106. Will We Know One Another In Heaven?
  107. Can Atheists Know God Does Not Exist?
  108. How Do We Receive Jesus?
  109. What Is Confession?
  110. Have Miracles Ceased?
  111. Why Was Stephen Stoned?
  112. What About Free Will/Free Choice?
  113. What Does The Bible Say About Alcohol?
  114. Do We Really Have Free Will?
  115. Remember Lot's Wife?
  116. Are We Supposed To Keep All The Law?
  117. Why Don't All Women Cover Their Heads In Church?
  118. Do We Need All Nine (Spiritual) Gifts?
  119. Is Jesus God?
  120. Do Bible Contradictions Really Exist?
  121. Where Does The Term 'Protestants' Come From?
  122. Can You Describe The Providence Of God?
  123. Am I Right To Question The Rapture?
  124. Is Baptism For The Remission Of Sins?
  125. What Is Biblical Hermeneutics?
  126. Will A Deathbed Confesson Suffice?
  127. Must We Be Baptized To Be Saved?
  128. Does A Congregaton Have Authority For A Midweek Service?
  129. What About Cremation?
  130. What Does It Cost To Go To Heaven?
  131. Since Gambling Is Not Mentioned In The Bible, is it Really Wrong?
  132. Why Do Denominations Differ?
  133. Do We Learn From The Old Testament?
  134. What Does the Michael/Devil Dispute In Jude Teach Us?
  135. Please Discuss 'Once Saved,Always Saved'
  136. What Is The Proper Use Of Church Funds?
  137. What Is A Prayer Of Supplication?
  138. Does God HearThe Prayers Of All The Righteous?
  139. Can We Camp And Worship Instead Of Being In Church?
  140. Who Changed The Sabbath Day To Sunday?
  141. What Is The Scriptural Name Of The Church Of Christ?
  142. Did God Create Evil?
  143. What Can One Do About Satan?
  144. Is the church of Christ part of the Church of Christ Denomination?
  145. Why Do Christians Assemble?
  146. Shouldn't We Keep The Ten Commandments Today?
  147. Shouldn't We Worship On The Sabbath As Jesus Did?
  148. Does A Congregation Have Authority For A Mid-week Service?
  149. Do Animals Have Souls?
  150. What Kind Of Tongues Were Meant In 1 Corinthians 12?
  151. Are We Saved By Faith Only?
  152. Has The Second Coming Of Jesus Already Occured?
  153. Is The Roman Catholic Church The One True Church?
  154. Why Do People Forsake The Assembly?
  155. What Can People Do Who Have Been Forsaking The Assembly?
  156. What Is A Christian?
  157. What Does The Bible Say Will Happen When Jesus Comes Back?
  158. Did Churches Of Christ Exist During The Dark Ages?
  159. Is God A God Of Wrath?
  160. What Must I Do To Be Saved?

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