Commentary on Luke 16:18

This passage is so identical to the previous three that there is little to discuss. The first part is identical to Matt 19:9 without the exception clause. The second part is identical to Matt 5:32.
If we only had this one verse in all of scripture, we could conclude that to enter a marriage where one party was on the second time around, their marriage would be a sin. God does not allow us to be in a sinful relationship and remain faithful to Him.
Our problem is that we do not have only this one verse. We have four very specific verses which lays the foundation of all that we should teach. Any teaching that goes against any of these four verses is a false doctrine. If we find passages in other parts of the Bible that seem to contradict these passages, then we are drawing the wrong conclusions by what is said or inferred.

Every one of these passages was spoken by our Lord. Every person is accountable to the words which Jesus spoke. Therefore all humanity is subject to God's marriage law which was spoken in the beginning, violated from the start, mutilated by the people, and confirmed by our Lord.

Until only recently, the words of Jesus had meaning. It seems more and more that people are rejecting the message from the Son of God. People are telling us that these words are not correct because they violate other statements by God. There are people who tell us that Jesus was not speaking to us, but to those Jews of His day. As long as people do not respect God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Their will, we will have false doctrines brought about to accomodate sins of the people. These people love the praises of men (Matt 6:5) and have rejected the approval from God.

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