An Examination of Matthew 19:9

As we studied from Matt 5:32, there are several observations that can be made by this verse. First of all notice the similarity of these two verses. We must understand that they were spoken in two different situations. This is another indicator that Jesus did not contradict Himself. Neither did any of Jesus' teachings, violate a law of God. We have several occasions where traditions were violated, but never did Jesus break any laws. To break the law is transgression, and transgression is sin. Therefore if Jesus was perfect without sin, then He never even taught a thing that would violate one of God's laws.
Once again, let us go to this scripture to dissect it and pull the individual thoughts from it.

1. whoever marries her who is divorced commits adultery.
2. and marries another
3. except for immorality
4. whoever divorces his wife
[now the most important fact]
5. "And I say to you"

Let us notice that there does not have to be any particular order for these to fall in. The thoughts stand for themselves and we can learn from each thought what God intends for us to know.
Let's look at these. It will be that if the statement is the same as Matt 5:32, then I will refer you to that section.

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