A Study of Divorce and Remarriage

To all Christians interested in the truth concerning divorce and remarriage and the great controversy that has been generated by this issue:

In February of 1998, the Greenwood Village Church of Christ received a publication in the mail. It was written by a Mr. X titled "Marriage is God's Plan". It was accompanied by a letter advising that several thousand copies had been sent to churches all over. Mr. X stated in his letter.." I hope that you will give this booklet a fair reading and some study." After stating a few facts concerning the subject matter, he goes on to say..." I do not do this for any reason other that to make a distinction between what has been taught and what I believe the Bible actually teaches." In a later paragraph, Mr. X states..." I am convinced that the traditional view (which some like to call the Bible view) is error." Mr. X's last paragraph states..."If I am wrong in my conclusions, please show me the error.........Let's get out of the judging business and let God be the Judge" Then the letter is signed by the author. Since the time we received the letter, I have presented several sermons on this subject. I have been bombarded by several people who have given me lots of material by different people. Although I will review some of the arguments as stated by Mr. X in his book, my review will be against all those who teach things contrary to God's word.
(as a side note: I did write several letters and I did communicate with this author for a while)

Let it be known that I have searched my own heart very closely. I have almost brought myself to the point of destruction for fear of believing the wrong things. I have honestly read the material that these brethren have offered me. I have tried to keep an open mind about this subject. What I present in the pages of this book, will be what I believe. Not what I aquired from my parents or mentors, but what I have personally studied.

I have also had several discussions with several brethren whom I trust and admire and respect very highly. I have also sent certain questions to various brethren around the country via e-mail. These arguments presented in this study will be mine. I thank all the brethren who offered their understanding of this subject to me. Let it be understood that this is not an attack upon the name or character of Mr. X or any other person.

In the interest of presenting the truth, I feel that there is of necessity the exposing of error in whatever form it takes. I would encourage all Christians to study these issues very seriously. We should do this with the intention of being of the same mind, united into one spirit, maintaining the same love, intent on one purpose, and of being in the same judgement. (see 1 Cor 1:10 and Phil 2:1)

I can speak from personal experience that when one challenges your faith, that there is an initial response of establishing your defenses. When danger shows it's ugly face, we run for cover and prepare for battle. The second emotion is going to be one of hurt feelings. This is accompanied by the feeling of being unwanted or unliked (very hard emotions for the human to deal with). Then there will come the guilt phase which one goes through questioning their own intentions. What are my motives and feelings on this matter or about this person. Then we just might examine our faith to see if there is a flaw. We would question everything at this time. Ultimatly we come to a determination that our faith is indeed grounded upon a solid foundation.

My thanks to everyone for their time to read this review. May the Lord bless us with wisdom to acknowledge the "TRUTH". And live accordingly and teach it diligently.

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