The Strange Vocabulary?

The writer of the book under review is very sarcastic in describing the language used in consideration of this theme. This writer list several words or phrases and states that the traditional view uses language that he cannot find in the Bible. He says that he had to learn a new vocabulary of terms, words, and definitions often created from the subjective reasonings and assumptions of some notable brother in the brotherhood. After listing these words or phrases, he goes on to say "How many of the above terms can you find in your Bible and what version is it?

Once again, let me say that I have nothing against the writer of this book. I have never met him or spoken to him. I do not know who his friends or associates are.

When someone says that your way is wrong, you at first get offended. Thus in this study, we find one who says the other is wrong and the other says that this one is wrong. How do we find the truth and fix our hope on it. We must seek the truth. The truth is only found in the study of God's word.

The study of God's word is to make us acceptable to Him (2 Tim 2:15). When we can understand what the will of God is, then we can apply the proper understanding to this subject. Those of us who think that they are right must have the proper attitude towards those who are wrong (Phil 3:12-16). It is out of love for souls that I am concerned with this doctrine being promoted. We find scripture that teaches a need for understanding.

Eph 3:4 (NASB) "And by referring to this, when you read you can understand my insight into the mystery of Christ,"

Neh 8:8 (NASB) "And they read from the book, from the law of God, translating to give the sense so that they understood the reading."

These people had the book, why did they need someone to explain what it meant? For the same reason that we need a proper understanding. Let us also understand that the original language was either Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek. Thus we have a need for translators. I dare say that if the Bible had not been translated, we would never know the true God (unless we knew that language).

The people in the days of Nehemiah, had to be taught the law of God all over, because they had neglected it's teachings for generations. Therefore when they heard, they also needed people who would translate their own language to give them the proper understanding. Even in the english language we have different ways to say things.

One of our vocabulary tools is a Thesauras. This is a list of words that can be used interchangably, or in place of. This comes in handy when you want to write more intelligently than you really are.

The rules of interpretation work the same way. We take the original words and put them into an understanding of what is actually being said. Therefore we do not have to limit Bible discussions to a lethargic religious language. We do not have to use the "thee's", "thou's", "whomsoever's" etc, to understand what the subject is.

We must be able to make an application. We do this by translating the words into thoughts. As we will study the phrases and words which this writer has problems with, we will note the original language, and offer our reasons for the use of this language.

Although the specific words or phrases are not used in the context of the scriptures, the meanings are quite obviously there. There is no basis to condemn someone for using a language that is understandable as long as the understanding is in accordance with scripture and does not violate it anywhere else.

Let's notice some of these terms and see if we can study together and gain the true understanding of what our Lord gave us by inspiriation.

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