Divorce and Remarriage

Due to the controversial nature of this discussion, we must proceed carefully and cautiously. Although I have had several discussions on this subject of a high intensity level, I must emphasise, that the problems have not been with me, but on the message that I have taught.

When those who cannot argue their particular view from the pages of the Bible want to contend with you, they resort to all sorts of behavior. This includes character attacks and assassinations. Accusations of being evil, false, wicked, heartless, and uncompassionate will abound from these people.

This study is not designed to be offensive to anyone. The people who teach these differing doctrines believe very strongly that they are right. Thus, both sides consider the others to be promoting false teaching. And though we may be in agreement in many areas, both sides will consider the danger of fellowshipping those who teach differently.

This study is not asking for a compromise of teachings or even allowing that one side tolerate the other. This study seeks to determine the TRUTH as revealed from the Bible. Please enter study of this as well as all subjects with a prayerful attitude. We know that God promises wisdom to all who ask (James 1:5). Let us use wisdom to apply the knowledge that God gives us.

We also ask that you consider all arguments and both sides when determining the truth on this subject. Please be open minded like the Bereans and study the scripture to see if the things are so (Acts 17:11). I have tried very hard to be open in this study and I can confidently say that I believe all that I will teach in these pages to be the TRUTH as revealed in scripture. I have even examinied the possiblity that I could be wrong and viewed these arguments from both sides. I believe that I have chosen the teachings that the Bible teaches on this subject. All I ask is that you do the same.

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